Red Wicket Market Farm is a small farm 25 minutes from downtown Columbus, Ohio, near Slate Run Metropark. Breeding Black Copper and Blue Copper Marans to the Standard of Perfection.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Meet the Flock: Bruce the Rhode Island Red

 Not all of our chickens have names, but Bruce is not an easy bird to miss. Big, handsome, and bossy, Bruce runs the place and keeps the hens in line. Although he's at the top of the pecking order, he's never made an aggressive move toward us and he tolerates our other, smaller rooster without too much fighting.

We've found that a chicken flock without a rooster just doesn't work very well. Hens will fight to take over the "rooster" spot in the flock, and we've had some injuries because of it. A good rooster will intervene in hen fights before they get out of hand. Check back tomorrow to see a photo of our second rooster, and maybe win a carton of Red Wicket eggs.
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