Red Wicket Market Farm is a small farm 25 minutes from downtown Columbus, Ohio, near Slate Run Metropark. Breeding Black Copper and Blue Copper Marans to the Standard of Perfection.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Autumn Treats

It's time to clean out the garden, which is an absolute mess. The chickens love it, though, since they get all kinds of goodies that I find in the garden, including pumpkins, watermelons, sweet corn that's past its prime, and sunflower heads.

We grow lots of sunflowers in the garden, but not for us to eat. The goldfinches descend on them first, taking the smallest seeds from the ornamental sunflowers. Sometimes it's like a twittering yellow and black cloud out in the garden. I grow the ornamental sunflowers for cut flowers for the kitchen. I also grow some cultivars that are meant for seed. Those get thrown into the chicken pasture. Sunflower seeds are a good source of nutrients for chickens, and are supposed to help them grown healthy feathers. They also have a lot of fun scratching the seeds out of the sunflower heads--once the goats let them have a turn!