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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Amazing Egg!

When  you don't have chickens, it's pretty easy to think of eggs as all being the same. Uniform. Egg-shaped.

That isn't always the case, however. You can get "witch eggs," tiny round eggs about the diameter of a quarter with no egg yolk inside. You can get jelly eggs, where the egg has a membrane but no shell. You can get eggs that are flat on one side, or darker on one side, or long and skinny instead of egg-shaped. Our hens have laid all of these, and seeing one every few weeks is routine. This week, however, we got the strangest egg I've ever seen.

First, it was huge. Seriously, bigger than a goose egg. Here it is, next to a normal size large white egg. This bad boy is 4" long. Poor chicken, I don't know how she managed to lay this one.

Double yolker, right? Maybe even a triple-yolker (hey, we've gotten them)?

Nope. There was a normal egg yolk and white inside the egg. And...

There was an entire, other egg inside that shell. A complete egg, with its own perfect shell. A large egg, the same size as the white egg I used in my original comparison.

I wish I could say that the second egg had a third egg inside, like a Russian nesting doll, but it was just a plain, ordinary egg. Still, this is the weirdest egg we've ever gotten.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Chickens are strange little critters. :)